Grilled Cheese with Pickle

I love anything pickled.  Seriously.  I love making them with my mom, I love eating them, so when McEwan Foods asked me to create a quick and easy dish using their pickled items, I was happy to accept the challenge.  McEwans has an amazing selection of pickled items in their grocery store.  It was hard to choose!

Grilled Cheese with Pickle - Pickle Selection at McEwans

I finally decided to grab some of their pickled onions (OK, I grabbed a few more of the pickled items too.  See above:  I love pickles.)  I used the pickled onions to created an absolutely addictive grilled cheese sandwich – grilled cheese with pickle and arugula.  The combination of tangy pickled onion, sharp, rich cheddar and spicy arugula is insane.  

Grilled Cheese with Pickle - The Grilled Cheese Stacked 2

I’ve made this grilled cheese with a few different types of cheddar now – Ilchester Cheddar with malt whisky being my favourite, but feel free to use any good cheddar that you love.  Applewood smoked cheddar is amazing in this grilled cheese as well!

Grilled Cheese with Pickle - Ingredients

Grilled Cheese with Pickle - Pickled Onions and Arugula

The quantities of everything are flexible in this recipe, but you do want to grate enough cheese to cover the bread twice.  That right – double cheese!  There is a layer on the top and bottom to keep everything in place….and, well, more cheese!   For this grilled cheese, you will need:

– Two slices of good quality bread

– About 1/2 cup of grated Ilchester Cheddar with Malt Whisky

– 1/4 cup of McEwan Pickled Onion

– A handful of fresh arugula

– 2 tablespoons of butter, softened

Grilled Cheese with Pickle - Assembling from Side

Grilled Cheese with Pickle - Assembling from Top

To assemble, butter one side of each slice of bread and lay one slice butter side down.  Top with a nice layer of your grated cheddar, a generous layer of pickled onions and then some arugula.  Sprinkle on another layer of that cheese and then top with the second slice of bread, butter side up. 

Yes, I just described how to build a grilled cheese sandwich.

Grilled Cheese with Pickle - Assembling with Cheese

Now for my patented grilled cheese technique (not actually patented.)   

Heat a pan over medium heat and place your sandwich creation gently into the pan.  Grill the sandwich until the bottom is just starting to turn golden and the cheese has begun to melt, about a minute or 2 depending on how hot your stove is.  Carefully flip the sandwich and give it a good press with a spatula.  You want to ensure maximum contact with the pan.  Grill until golden brown on that side (another minute or two) and then flip again.  Press the sandwich down with your spatula and grill again for 30 second to a minute, just to make sure that first side is as crispy as possible.

Grilled Cheese with Pickle - Ready to Grill

Eat while it’s hot, crispy and gooey!!

Grilled Cheese with Pickle - The Grilled Cheese 3

If you’re as addicted to pickled things as I am, be sure to check out the selection at McEwan Foods.  I don’t normally write sponsored posts, but I was really impressed with the quality of these items.  This post was generously sponsored by McEwan Foods located at 38 Karl Fraser Road Toronto, ON M3C 0H7 | T: 416.444.6262

Grilled Cheese with Pickle - The Grilled Cheese Stacked


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  1. Rita

    That was an amazing blog. The pictures actually made me feel as if I could taste what you were making!! Here’s to more pickled items!!

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