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My Cottage Kitchen Essentials

I’m packing for a trip to the cottage this weekend!  While that means the usual swimsuits and sunscreen, for me it also means packing a bunch of kitchen tools.  There are certain kitchen essentials that I am not willing to leave behind, either because I’m fussy or they’re just too useful.  While this is my …

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My Rules for Cooking

When it comes to cooking, I have a few rules that I not only enforce on myself, but also sometimes “encourage” my friends and family to follow.  I know…I’m bad, but I really feel strongly about these things.  I even admit to not always following some of them myself (see #9), but I think that …

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Ginger Forever

I love cooking with ginger, but for years, it was a love/hate relationship.  I never seemed to have it on hand when I wanted to use it and I hated that I had to run out for that one thing….or send Mr. Fox out…not that I ever do that. I tried everything.  Keeping it on …

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In a Pickle

Every couple of years, my Mom makes pickles (more often and it gets to be too much…too many pickles…too much work…just too much.)  This year, I was lucky enough to get to help – with the dill pickles at least…bread and butter pickles will be made on another day.  She has to make both types …

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